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TrueSchool Treehouses

TrueSchool Treehouses

construction business in Wiesbaden, Germany

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Treehouse Engineering and construction

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Real Treehouses

There is not a single building in the year 2023 which is a real house in a tree. TrueSchool Treehouses is the only company worldwide, based on the art of German construction engineering, that has mastered the discipline of ultra light-weight construction prerequisite for providing buildings of a proper size in the Golden Canopy Zone far above the ground. The relation of weight, size and height is the hidden door to real treehouse construction and one out of many stand-alone characteristics of TrueSchools engineered Treehouses.

Giant trees

The fantastic Treehouse experience unfolds in the wilderness. At least one mysterious, giant old tree is required to create a landmark and provide atmosphere. There is a variety of exceptionally tall, bulky and resilient trees (wildfire- flooding- earthquake safe). Trees can be “created” by growing climbers over a tower-like structure. TST has started developing such Supertrees in 2006. We can now offer any type of Treehouse, no matter the architectural style, size and weight - anywhere in the world from cold- temperate to subtropical climates. We can create biodiverse forests in less than 5 years based on these engineered Supertrees.


We have specialized in construction physics and buildings technology since 2004 and offer fully self-sufficient buildings for all parts of the world. Our patented innovations like ventilation with ultra-high-efficient heat recovery are indispensable for small treehouses and to realize buildings without central heating or use of primary energy (fossil fuels or biomass). We developed a Jute fiber-reinforced polymeric material, load-adaptive and prestressed construction profiles / inter-seasonal heat storage system, Close-Loop water- and nutrient systems including water-treatment, fodder and food production / an energy-free elevator and many more.

Forest City

26 years ago, the founder of TrueSchool wrote a manifest. A study on the practical application of Treehouses for urban development, but also a paradigm for 3 things required to save life on this planet: Green Economic Zones, targeting Reclamation of Ecosystems. Green Cities based on fully self-sufficient buildings including production. This requires affordable prototypes of buildings suitable to become the mainstream architecture in all parts of the world. Fully automated mass production and new materials: fiber reinforced concrete and plastics, timber substitutes (like from straw), Bamboo, new alloys etc.